Each month, we will feature one of our advisors from the New England QIN-QIO Patient and Family Advisory Council.

This month, meet Elsie Marangoly from Massachusetts.

Elsie Marangoly


Why did you want to join the New Engl

and QIN-QIO Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)?

I have 40 years of vast experience in the healthcare field, specifically working with patients and families in hospitals, the mentally and phy

sically challenged client settings, and the community public health medical field. I am a retired Assistant Director of Health Services from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts NRS, Department of Developmental Services, and I’m currently involved in the East ethnic community as a leader for the South Indian Community of the New England region.

What types of projects/activities have you been working on as a PFAC member?

As a New England QIN-QIO PFAC advisor, I participate on the Safe Discharge Planning work group where I review and provide feedback on the tools and educational materials created by New England QIN-QIO.

I enjoy attending all monthly meetings in-person and actively participating in the group discussions. I’m looking forward to this month’s PFAC regional meeting where I will be presenting to the group on my recent trip to India for charity purposes.

What do you like about the projects/activities you are working on or have been involved with? How do you feel you are making an impact?

I enjoy helping the organization develop patient-focused educational materials, especially those that encourage shared decision making. I understand the current healthcare scenario including the key issues and concerns and focus on improvement, so I feel the knowledge and insight I contribute to the group helps in developing meaningful patient education materials.

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