New MIPS Measures in 2020

The 2020 Quality Payment Program Final Rule updated the number and type of MIPS measures that are available for reporting in the 2020 performance period.

Several new measures are available for reporting while dozens of measures have been removed, including measures that are extremely “topped out,” meaning that there is almost no room for improvement in average clinician performance on these measures.

CMS conducts an annual review of quality measures and removes those that are no longer meaningful to shift the focus to high-priority and outcome measures that will improve care for patients.

If you reported on a measure that is now topped out or is no longer eligible to report: celebrate your high achievement on that measure, but remember you will need to find a suitable replacement for MIPS reporting going forward.

For a full list of topped out measures, see the 2020 MIPS Historical Quality Benchmark file and scroll right to see the column indicating topped-out status. Examples of topped-out measures include:

  • Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record (Medicare part B claims, eCQM, and MIPS CQM) (Quality ID: 130)
  • Diabetes Eye Exam (Medicare part B claims, MIPS CQM) (Quality ID: 117)

New Measures

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