CMS understands that there may be circumstances out of your control that make it difficult for you to meet program requirements. To reduce this burden, CMS provides the opportunity to apply for exceptions to meeting MIPS program requirements. CEHRT is required for participation in the Promoting Interoperability performance category. Under MIPS, you may qualify for a re-weighting of the Promoting Interoperability performance category (to 0%) if you meet certain criteria.

Did you know? You must apply for it by December 31, 2019.

Do I qualify?

MIPS eligible clinicians, groups, and virtual groups may submit a Promoting Interoperability Hardship Exception Application citing one of the following specified reasons:

  • You’re a small practice
  • You have decertified EHR technology
  • You have insufficient Internet connectivity
  • You face extreme and uncontrollable circumstances such as disaster, practice closure, severe financial distress or vendor issues
  • You lack control over the availability of CEHRT

How do I apply?


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